Rolling out open air quality data to 200 cities in 18 months

To us, Airly is Europe’s most exciting air quality start-up. The guys and girls come from Krakow, one of Southern Poland’s coal regions where bad air is a daily reality. What they have achieved just blows our mind, which is scaling their air quality measurement solution to 200+ cities in Poland in just 18 months. These cities already today incorporate city-wide live and predictive air quality data into their day-to-day decision making, reaching from awareness raising in schools to free public transport for all citizens on days with terrible air quality.

When we met Airly-CEO Wiktor Warchołowski in Berlin last Summer at an event that Jonas moderated for Start Alliance, we were so impressed by their work that we asked if we could be of any help. The answer was gladly yes, which is why we started working with Airly as one of our first start-ups for the Urban Impact Launchpad program.

Helping Airly to enter the German market

Our short-term goal was to help them by deploying the first Airly pilot sensors in Berlin, one of which we installed at InfraLab. InfraLab is a unique meeting point for Berlin’s utility companies to incubate joint projects and connect with innovative start-ups. The lab is run by our friends at GreenBox, who kindly offered Airly to present their technology at one of their monthly BizBreakfast Sessions.

First Airly sensor in Berlin at InfraLab, EUREF-Campus

In January, we installed the first Airly sensor at InfraLab on the EUREF-Campus, one of Berlin's 'future sites'.

Airly’s BD Manager Kuba Madej gave a nice overview of Airly’s work this morning which you can watch here. Also, you can read this great write-up as part of the InfraLab blog (in German).

Airly presentation at InfraLab

Kuba presents the mission and technology of Airly to an interested morning crowd at InfraLab.

Airly is part of our Launchpad program

Here is what Wiktor has to say about our cooperation over the last year:

“Jonas and Dominik were helping us with developing a strategy in Germany for our air quality monitoring system. They provided wonderful expert advice on that and helped us with the first pilot in Berlin which led to significant interest from the German market. Given our experience, I would not hesitate to recommend Urban Impact to other start-ups.”

Wiktor Warchołowski, CEO Airly

What’s our goal until the end of this year? To fund the expansion of a city-wide air quality measuring system for Berlin. If you are interested in the topic and would like to support our effort, please drop us an email at hello[at]

Ps- Last month we went to Krakow to meet up with Wiktor and Kuba and see Airly’s new offices and lab. Here’s a funny pic of us!

Greetings from Krakow!

Greetings from Krakow!