As one of the main events in October we hosted this year’s Climathon, a hackathon on climate challenges happening all around the world on the 25-26th of October. Taking over the Futurium - the German government’s new house of futures, we’ve gathered 100+ hackers to spend 24h relentlessly coding for the city in times of climate change. The challenges were based on the topics of mobility, sustainable office buildings, old and young and extreme weather. Therefore we had four challenge hosts, shoutout to EDGE,open source lab, LichtBlick and Einstein Center Digital Future with all our coaches supporting the teams throughout these 24 hours. For our mobility challenge we had some incredible datasets provided by Tier, VBB, CityLAB, FixMyBerlin and Tagesspiegel Radmesser . Our IT coaches Franz Zieris and Kelvin Glaß from FU Berlin created this amazing GIF based on an exclusive data set for the month of September by Tier showing the movements of people using their scooters by time of the day, which we believe is definitely worth sharing:


Climathon will not remain a single event, we will hold a follow-up meeting with most of the Berlin based participants at The Green Garage at EUREF Campus. Furthermore our winning teams are eligible to sign up to the Climathon Global Awards where they will have the chance to present their ideas in Paris and even win a price.

Climathon festival of Ideas

Our Climathon Festival of Ideas in the afternoon of the 26th October