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Who are we?

Dominik and Jonas both spent the last decade on good fights… in somewhat different worlds.

Jonas has been working internationally on new ways for cities to innovate, network and collaborate globally with renowned academic, philanthropic and public sector institutions such as LSE Cities, the European Commission, Climate-KIC and the City of Berlin.

Meanwhile, Dominik, urbanist by training, emerged himself in the world of finance and startups working for some of the best European Venture Capital firms: Point Nine Capital and

What brought them together is a passion for meaningful and scalable impact in cities and, well: good timing. Dominik observed from the front seat the emergence of the so-called urban tech vertical in the venture world.

Jonas, worked with cities to make sure they are ready for this emerging innovation wave. With Berlin’s dynamic start-up and civic innovation ecosystem as their base, a European market and global mindset and network from the start, they now work on bringing value at the intersection of those two worlds.

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Our values

We like to be straightforward about what drives us. Here are our core values and a glimpse into our company culture.


driving unexpected connections


driving responsible action


driving meaningful engagement


driving continuous learning


driving long-term thinking

Mindful work ethic

driving ambitious work balanced with family life

Urban Impact Manifesto

Why cities need to get faster and better at implementing good ideas?

Who cares, you may ask? The problem is: we are running out of time. Our cities around the world are the key to solving humanity’s climate crisis. If we don’t fix them, we - including our families and friends - are in pretty dire straits.

Scientists tell us to stay within our global „carbon budget“, we need to turn the ship around within the next 5-10 years. Later than this, it will become ever so much harder to catch up. Transforming our global economy and cities for sure is a marathon, but we already need to start sprinting today.

How do you sprint a marathon distance?

To put it bluntly: while we are facing an existential threat, our cities mostly remain stuck in paralysis. After having worked in both the fields of city-making and Venture Capital for over ten years, we have come to some very basic conclusions.

Firstly, to affect change quickly you need to rely on trusted relationships. Secondly, in order to scale the impact of your work, you should have a sustainable business model. Combine both, and you can move the needle a great deal.

Public Good vs. Making Money

What we see almost everywhere we look is a prevailing dichotomy between the public and the private worlds. But those stereotypes do not help us. We need to develop new and healthy partnerships between private and public sector, cities and start-ups, investors and researchers as well as big corporates.

What we need to be doing right now?

We need your help, ideas and superpowers for it... Join us.

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